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Max Property UK Launched

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Max Property fixed rate secured bond in the UK, offering fixed returns of 7.2% p.a.  Max Property invests in UK assets through a corporate structure, so investors can enjoy all the benefits and none of the hassle of buy-to-let property ownership.

The investment is 100% asset backed by UK real estate, and Max Property has partnered with the global leader in corporate and trustee services for investor security.  With over 30 years of experience behind them, the company Directors are highly experienced buy-to-let, tax and investment professionals with unique access to investment properties and industry services.

Additionally, the weakness of the Pound Sterling makes it particularly attractive to those investing in a different currency.

If you would like to receive an investment brochure or the Information Memorandum, do not hesitate to contact us at info@maxpropertyfund.com.


Following requests for a more detailed document, a Prospectus for the Max Property Fund Netherlands was finalised during Q1 and is now available.  It is not approved by the AFM, as it is voluntary, but has been reviewed by Confidon and it mostly conforms to AFM guidelines.

In the future we will offer an AFM approved brochure, but this is currently not required. When this has been achieved (towards the end of 2017) we will make a further announcement.  The Prospectus has now been added to the Max Property Fund website ahead of schedule, and is available in Dutch.

If you would prefer to receive a copy by email, please contact us at info@maxpropertyfund.com

Press Release Max Property Launch

UK Company Aims to End Landlord Woes


Industry professionals come together to address the fiscal and regulatory changes affecting UK buy-to-let ownership 

London – April 2017 – A crack team of British professionals have joined forces to “capture the perfect storm” in the UK property market with the launch of their company Max Property Investment Group plc today which pays out 8% p.a. to investors as well as a 30% profit share.  Adopting a corporate bond structure means that money is invested in property but it is the company rather than the investor that deals with the wave of financial, regulatory and practical challenges currently facing existing and aspiring landlords.

Managing Director and property educator, Mark Lloyd, says, “As property investors ourselves, we have been personally affected by the recent changes in the UK property market. We decided to turn a negative into a positive by creating a company that can help others avoid the problems we have been facing.”

The company’s Directors believe that with living costs rising, low interest rates, property prices in the UK fluctuating, as well as the weak Pound, there is an opportunity to be seized. “It’s at perfect storm”, says Mark Lloyd “The market is experiencing a lot of uncertainty and turbulence and that creates opportunities. If you know how to navigate the rapids, the UK property market can still be a very attractive way to generate returns for investors.”

But instead of investors directly investing in UK real estate Max Property is offering a fixed rate bond of 8% p.a. to investors with full management in place so that individuals can enjoy yields derived from UK property without the hassle of tax returns, deposits, repairs, property management, advertising and all other tasks and costs associated with private property ownership. Moreover, the much discussed buy-to-let tax changes coming into effect this month do not apply to properties under the ownership of a company, further influencing buy-to-let profitability.

Mark Lloyd, who owns a property sourcing company and spends his time giving seminars and workshops to aspiring property investors, has unique access to undervalued properties which further boosts the company’s ability to achieve healthy returns.

The company has partnered with Intertrust, the global leader in corporate and trustee services since 1952. Senior tax lawyer, formerly for HMRC, Paula Ruffell, says “We wanted to find a way to safeguard people’s money whilst maximising returns and making their investments tax efficient.”

The launch of Max Property UK follows the success of Max Property Fund in the Netherlands and precedes the launch of an additional property investment structure in Germany.


Co-Founder and Managing Director: Mark Lloyd
Co-founder of Property Mastery Academy

Co- Founder and Director: Paula Ruffell
Lawyer, tax adviser, property investor

Co- Founder and Director: Bruce Rayner
International banker turned philanthropist

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