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Zuytland Buiten

Zuytland Buiten is located near Rotterdam and has been operational since 2005. The holiday park will expand from the current 105 to 180 units, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

The 75 new units can be divided into three types of holiday homes; the Kuifduiker (Crested Diver), the Rietzanger (Reed Warbler), and the Strandloper (Sandpiper).

There are several important reasons to invest in a holiday home from Zuytland Buiten:
• The park has a proven high occupancy rate and is well maintained
• More and more people are looking for a holiday in their own country
• The park is managed and rented out by Landal Greenparks
• In the Netherlands, the real estate market is growing steadily
• The expected return on investment up to 5.5%
• It’s possible to finance including 21% VAT

Different homes

There are three types of holiday homes at Zuytland Buiten:

The Kuifduiker

Enjoy a recreational villa in a rural and Dutch atmosphere. The Kuifduiker has a brick facade and a gable roof, which is a good reflection of the rural surroundings of Voorne Putten. It is a cozy family home with two or three bedrooms. You enter your rural garden through the two French doors.

Zuytland Buiten

The Rietzanger

The Rietzanger is very suitable for special needs people. This intimate and pleasant recreation villa offers everything on the ground floor, from two bedrooms with private bathrooms to a spacious living room. Enjoy a view of the water from your garden.

Zuytland Buiten

The Strandloper

The Strandloper is similar to the Kuifduiker but this is the most spacious villa at Zuytland Buiten. In the Strandloper, you can also enjoy a recreational villa with the same rural and Dutch appearance. This spacious family home offers two bedrooms, each with its luxurious bathroom. Experience space and tranquility in the garden around the recreation villa.

Zuytland Buiten

It is possible to have the recreation villa built and furnished according to your wishes. You can choose from different colors of facing bricks and roof tiles. You also get three other options for the interior: rural, romantic, or industrial. It is also possible to choose a design for the garden and have it carried out by the gardener. By choosing from the many options for the villa, you can fill in your villa according to your wishes.

Reserve a lot in 4 steps

Reserving a lot at Zuytland Buiten is easy and fast in four steps:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Go through all steps of the KYC (Know Your Customer) and link a contra account.
  3. Deposit € 5000 into your account and make a reservation without obligation *.
  4. After making a reservation, we will contact you to make an appointment to choose a plot in the park.

* If for whatever reason, you decide not to purchase after you have visited the park, you will receive the full amount of € 5,000 in return, without deduction of any costs.

At this moment, the official sale has started, and all investors are invited to the park in order of the waiting list to make their final choice from the various holiday homes.

Depending on your financial position, you can have up to 75% of the purchase amount financed, including 21% VAT. You can reclaim the VAT from the tax authorities if you rent the house for at least ten years. This only applies if you only rent out your holiday home to third parties through operator Landal Greenparks and not for your use.

Written by: Julia van der Kooij


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