Esther Dekker Msc.

Esther took her first steps in the world of real estate over 10 years ago and now boasts an abundance of theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in the Dutch property market.  She is highly qualified to provide professional advice on many real estate issues on a practical level as well as a strategic level, having earned a postgraduate title in social sciences (specialising in real estate) and as a member of the VBO (Real Estate Professionals Organisation) as well as a holder of a rental agent license.

After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Leisure Management, she spent over a year researching Dutch property law for her Masters degree from the University of Utrecht. The subject of her Masters thesis was “privatisation of housing corporations in the Netherlands”, making her an expert in housing laws, housing regulations and property licensing.  Currently working as an estate agent, she assists property investors on a daily basis when buying, renting and managing investment property ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between the investor, tenant and landlord.

What further separates Esther from other Rotterdam property professionals is her passion for her work.  From the purchase of an investment property to the selection of a residential property, Esther takes the task of selection seriously and loves to impart her considerable knowledge on the subject in order to help her customers.  She gets great satisfaction from matching investors with tenants and doing the job she loves.