Paula Ruffell

Paula is a lawyer specialising in Corporation Tax Dispute Resolution. Having worked in the Solicitor’s Office of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for nearly 9 years before moving to the private sector, she now advises global companies on UK corporate tax issues such as diverted profits tax, permanent establishment and transfer pricing and High Net Worth individuals on issues such as domicile and residence.

During her career she has provided advice on legal aspects of proposals for primary legislation and assisted in the drafting of instructions to Parliamentary Counsel to draft primary legislation.

She has advised in litigation relating to disclosure, EU law, procedural issues, tribunals and courts, settled cases in accordance with the Litigation and Settlement Strategy and Alternative Dispute Resolution.  She also advises individuals on international wealth management issues such as domicile and residence.

Paula has been investing in property herself since 2006 and has experience in refurbishing and managing London and Scottish property.