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Max Property Group In Their Spare Time



Max Property Group In Their Spare Time

The team of Max Property Group is spending a lot of time at the office, working on the development of the Max Crowdfund platform. But other than work, the team have a lot of leisure activities, from really exciting activities like racing to more laid back cooking for friends and family. In this article, you can read more about what the team of Max Property Group likes to do in their spare time.

The directors
Mark Lloyd – CEO

”When I get the chance, I love something with a bit of excitement/thrill. I recently took part in a track day, where I drove some fantastic cars. I’ve also abseiled down Battersea Power Station and Broadgate Tower in London. When I’m not looking for that next thrill, I love eating out at fine restaurants, drinking fine wines, and spending time with my family.”

Anne Visser – COO

”I like to spend my free time on my sailboat. I find everything about sailing interesting—the technology behind it, the self-reliance and dealing with the water. When I’m not working on my sailboat, I like to be in a cafe, at a festival, or cinema.”

Erwin Van Kekem – CTO

”I spend a lot of time at the local hockey club, where I act as chairman. Recently I started playing golf, where I went to several beautiful golf courses. If I have time and there is no Covid-19, I also really enjoy travelling. It is very nice to discover new places.”

The Team
Edward Hoogvliet – Office & Finance Manager

”Whenever I get the chance, I enjoy being on a golf course in the area of Rotterdam. I like to travel around the world to the most beautiful places and golf courses if I really can. In addition, I want to play my guitar or listen to beautiful music. I have a great interest in different kinds of sport, for example, American baseball.”

Jan Angel – Business Development Manager

”I enjoy riding motorcycles, playing rugby, and cycling on nature trails on my mountain bike in my spare time. Besides, I like work with drones, building them and testing them out for promo videos.”

Julia van der Kooij – Public Relations & Content Manager

”I enjoy cooking and baking new things, which my colleagues can benefit from if I bring freshly baked cookies to the office. I enjoy spending time with my friends and go to good restaurants. At home, I like to play with my four cats and watch Netflix. Whenever I get the chance, I want to go to the gym and have a good workout.”

Fabian Zwaan – Marketing Manager

”I am someone who does not sit still for long, in addition to the podcast that I host with friends about the Premier League. I enjoy indoor sports. I am fond of the Spanish sport “padel” and enjoy spending time in the gym to stay in shape. I also hold an interest in deejaying and music production.”

Hilko Czenki – Assistant Sales Manager

”In general, I am very much into gaming and photoshop. If I have time, I also like to be at the student association. In addition, I enjoy driving a car with my best friend and discovering new things. Finally, I also find it interesting to watch documentaries about nature and history.”

Ricardo Cathalina – Allround IT Specialist

”I am very interested in distributed ledger technology, trading, reading, video games, Netflix, and learning new skills in my spare time. I also like to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. In addition, I like cooking new things and learning new cuisines.”

Marc Bakker – Social Media & Advertising Manager

”I am very passionate about football and working out. Next to playing football, I also like to stay up to date about the latest updates in football on a professional level. Besides that, I want to travel during my vacations and see beautiful places all around the world. Some other hobbies of mine are surfing, hiking and hanging out with friends.”

Written by: Julia van der Kooij


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