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Max Property Group: Newsletter January 2021



Max Property Group: Newsletter January 2021

First of all, we would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2021. We want to thank all the investors who have invested in property backed investment opportunities through the Max Crowdfund platform in 2020 and we are confident that we can continue our growth trajectory this year.

Currently we are working on many new projects, of which we can hopefully share information with you soon.

Max Crowdfund aims to launch the platform in a new jurisdiction during Q1 and this will hopefully increase the amount of investment opportunities presented to our investors.

Stay tuned for new investment opportunities and other exciting news!

MPF I Profit Share

Between Christmas and New Years Eve Confidon has made the profit calculation of the MPF I fund and all of the investors of MPF I have been informed about their profit share.

The fund has performed great and we are happy to share that we are able to give our investors an 18% profit share on their investments on top of the 8% annual interest. This is a total of 14% per annum over the last 3 years, which is a great return.

At the moment the payments are being prepared by Max Property Group. They will be paid out to the investors via Max Crowdfund during January.

Restructuring Max Property Group

Max Property Group has decided to concentrate on their core business and this is reflected in our new website. Rentals, management and the academy are no longer part of the Group and will continue under a different name. We will inform you more about this later.

Our Team Has Expanded

With the increasing amount of activities we needed extra hands on deck. As such we expanded our team with a new Marketing Manager and a Content Manager. We welcome them onboard and are excited to be working with them.

Marc Bakker

Marc is our new social media & marketing manager and will be responsible for the online visibility of the Group and our MCF platform. Marc’s main reason for joining MPG is the fact that he believes real estate crowdfunding is one of the most innovative ways of creating a passive income, and that the concept has an amazing potential.

Julia van der Kooij

Julia is our new content manager at MPG and her biggest affinity is creating content and writing articles. She will be responsible for all the written content, which you will find on our website, in our newsletters and in articles on relevant websites. Julia also joined because she truly believes Max Crowdfund has a great potential. Joining at the start brings exciting opportunities for the future!

Written by: Julia van der Kooij 


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