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Max Property Group: Newsletter March 2021


Max Property Group: Newsletter March 2021

Max Property Group has secured just over €500,000 in equity investment from its investor base. The investments will be used to expand Max Crowdfund internationally and to improve internal processes. 

Our target is to launch Max Crowdfund in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and the UK by the end of Q2 2021, and we are currently in advanced talks with interested parties in the United States, and South Africa, which we aim to launch during 2021 as well.

Liquidating DE fund

In the newsletter of October 2020, we wrote that we had to liquidate our German property Fund because of the AFM approval.

Until now, the fourth of March, we haven’t received an acceptable offer. At this moment, we are also busy with reducing the vacancy by renovating more properties. The German fund is expected to be liquidated at a later stage as it also up for offer, and several LOI’s have been received already.

The Annual Reports are Available

The annual reports of 2020 for your account are now available on the platform. You can download it from your account below ‘Annual Reports.’ It’s also possible to switch between personal and business accounts, where you can download both reports should you have one.

How To Finance Your Real Estate Project?

We wrote an interesting article where we explain how to qualify for funding on the Max Crowdfund platform. In the article, each step is described in detail, along with the conditions that both the applicant and Max Crowdfund must comply with.

What Is A Qualified Investor?

On our website, we have published an informative article about how an investor on the Max Crowdfund platform becomes a qualified investor. You can read about the criteria that need to be considered.

Dutch Research Investors Max Crowdfund

Our intern Fatima Boudour is researching the motives of investors in real estate through crowdfunding for her study Commercial Economics. It would be very helpful to her research if you answered these questions. The survey takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation!

Written by: Julia van der Kooij


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