Invest in one of the fastest growing rental markets in Europe

The Max Property Fund Netherlands invests in booming main city properties such as Rotterdam, with high rental returns and capital growth rates.

  • Fund’s projected total investment € 6 million
  • Mortgage financing € 3.6 million
  • Fundraise through bonds € 2.4 million
  • Fixed 8% interest per year *
  • Plus 50% profit share and 50% share of equity increase *
  • Returns forecast at over 13% annually *
  • Investment period from 01.09.2016 until 31.08.2026
  • Minimum lock-in period 3 years
  • Professional fund administrator
  • Experienced portfolio manager

* The value of investments can go up or down.  Investors should be aware that they may recover less than they invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Featured returns include all forecasts.

100% asset backed

Trustee controls monies

Dutch run company

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