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New UK Loan Is Online



We have published a new UK loan on the website of Max Crowdfund, which is the first loan of 2021! The loan is backed by property in Liverpool. The property is located at 518 Stanley Road in Liverpool and was purchased through the company “Commotive Property Ltd”. The ground floor is a commercial premises which has a takeaway restaurant, Toscana’s Pizza & Grill, as a tenant. The first and second floors are being refurbished into 3 en-suite HMO (home of multiple occupation) rooms.

Due to Covid-19, the refurbishment of the property was delayed. This is the reason the owners are seeking to raise a bridging loan, so they may finish the refurbishment and rent out the en-suite rooms.

A first mortgage of €60,000 will be registered on the property and an additional material business guarantee of €60,000 is provided by the financial holding, which results in a Loan To Value (LTV) of 50%. The target amount of €60,000 has a term of 12 months. The interest per annum is 7% and will be paid out every month. For this loan, the risk class is B, which means that this is a relatively low-risk loan.

For now, this new UK loan is only available for relatives and business partners of the fundraiser, which is the so-called “private round”. On Friday the 22nd of January at 11:00 CET the loan will go live for all users of our platform.

NOTE: This crowdfunding project is relatively small, so the targeted amount is expected to be reached within a short period of time.

More Loans Are Coming Soon

Behind the scenes, we are busy reviewing loans. As soon as they have passed our due diligence they will be published on the platform for our investors.

Our due diligence process is detailed, which in itself takes time, but because we require a valuation report, it is taking longer than expected. This is due to the valuation companies being extremely busy.

Stay tuned for new investment opportunities and other exciting news and don’t forget to follow our social media channels!

Written by: Julia van der Kooij 


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