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Behind The Scenes at Max Property Group



Behind The Scenes at Max Property Group

Max Property Group was founded by a team of real estate professionals from various countries in Europe. Our backgrounds include real estate development, running estate agencies, owning mortgage advisories and structuring real estate funds. Nowadays, MPG is a group of experienced real estate experts and motivated young professionals who strive to make real estate investment trendy and accessible to everyone. The team is constantly growing, but now is a good time to introduce everyone. In this article, you will find out who does what at the office.

The Directors

Mark Lloyd – CEO

 Mark has grown six successful businesses, two of which have been sold on the open market. He owns a property sourcing company that looks for undervalued property deals throughout the United Kingdom. Mark also owns Property Mastery Academy, which is private training, mentoring, and seminar giving organization that educates property investors across the UK. He is responsible for most of the loans in the United Kingdom because of his connections in the UK.

Anne Visser – COO

Anne has made a career in logistical management. After completing his Dutch military service, he held several senior managerial positions. This includes the last 25 years in the logistics manager role at the SWA in Alphen aan den Rijn. SWA has 500 employees and is the market leader in the production and distribution of B2B promotional displays. Since its early days, Anne has been involved with Max Property Group. He led the purchase, refurbishment, and rental of the test case in Rotterdam in 2015.

Erwin van Kekem – CFO

Erwin has enjoyed a lengthy career spanning over two decades in software development. He was one of the founding partners and drivers behind Collin Crowdfund. This is currently the largest crowdfunding lending platform in the Netherlands. Erwin is now leading the development of Max Crowdfund and its integration with the Ardor Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform.

The Team

Jan Angel – Business Development Manager

Jan began as an intern in the early days of the Max Crowdfund platform development. He quickly decided to take a break from his education at the Rotterdam Business School to pursue his interest in international business, blockchain technology and real estate investing. Jan now manages the intern team and is responsible for recruiting and training the Know Your Customer (KYC) team, translation team, and community builders in their respective countries. He is also primarily responsible for the sale of Zuytland Buiten.

Julia van der Kooij – Public Relations & Content Manager

Julia is the content manager of Max Property Group. She found out that she liked to create content during her previous job. So, she wanted to use this experience to spread information about ‘the first real estate crowdfunding platform powered on blockchain technology. She joined the team because she genuinely believes Max Crowdfund has excellent potential. In this way, she can expand her knowledge about real estate and crowdfunding platforms. She is responsible for all the written content on our websites, newsletters, and articles on relevant websites.

Fabian Zwaan – Marketing Manager

Fabian is an ambitious and commercially-minded individual. With his background in Sales, Fabian hopes to approach his content marketing work from a different angle. In addition to his professional career, Fabian has also successfully founded his podcast. For his podcast, he has developed skills in communication, social advertising and content creation. His added value at Max Property Group is to come up with and execute new developments to increase our organization’s brand awareness sixfold.

Hilko Czenki – Assistant Sales Manager

Hilko is the Assistant sales manager at the Max Property Group. With a background in different kinds of sales, he assists Jan with everything. His significant interests in marketing and sales are what brought him to the company. He strives to make substantial steps towards the progress of the company. Besides sales, he assists where he can. He has done some works for the financial logistics side of the company and the creative side of content production. As a hobby, he produces art projects in his free time, focusing on Photo-based art.

Ricardo Cathalina – Allround IT Specialist

Ricardo is an ambitious and intelligent problem solver. He has a background in IT and is a true blockchain-enthusiast. As such, he has been deeply invested in the blockchain revolution since early 2017. He believes decentralized finance, fintech and blockchain, in general, have the power to disrupt many markets, thereby empowering the masses. Max property group’s unique proposition, combining two alternative financial concepts, namely blockchain and crowdfunding, motivated him to join the team. He assists the team in solving IT issues and supports the development of Max Crowdfund.

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