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Max Property Group Equity Round A Great Success



Max Property Group Equity Round A Great Success

Our equity round has been a fantastic success. Eventually, we received more than 1,000 applications from enthusiastic investors, all of whom have shown their confidence in our company. We have achieved our target amount, a result that we are extremely satisfied with.

We would therefore like to thank everyone who participated in our equity round.

The equity round is now closed

The equity round closed to new registrations on July the 15th, 2021 at 17:00 CET. As such, it is no longer possible to submit a new application form.

If you have completed an application form before closing, then rest assured. It is still possible for you to complete your participation. You will soon be contacted by our team to assist with the completion of your participation. This may take a while due to the large number of registrations.

It is also possible that you have already completed your participation and created an account on Max Crowdfund, but your MPGS are not yet visible in your wallet on Max Crowdfund. We are currently in the process of manually adding all MPGS to our investors’ accounts.

If you have not yet created an account on Max Crowdfund, you can easily and quickly create an account. This takes about 10 minutes in total, so keep your identification (ID, driver’s license, passport) and bank details ready.
The last step is an identification payment to link your bank account to your account at Max Crowdfund. This is necessary because we are not allowed to transfer the bank details received by Max Property Group, in regard to your participation, to the Max Crowdfund platform. They are two separate companies in the eyes of the regulator. Even though MPG owns 100% of Max Crowdfund, and as such GDPR applies.

Once you have gone through the identification process and your bank account has been linked, your account has been verified and we can pay dividends to you in the future. From that moment on you can also participate in the real estate loans that are placed on the platform.

Interesting Real Estate Loans Are Coming

Behind the scenes, we are busy assessing various interesting real estate investment opportunities. Once the borrowers have gone through our due diligence process and the project has been approved by our Investment Committee, the opportunities will be published on the platform.

You will of course receive an e-mail from us as soon as a new loan comes online. In addition, we are also busy developing a WhatsApp Broadcast list. In this way, we can reach our investors even easier and faster about new opportunities.

We have received several applications for loans from all corners of Europe. Be sure to keep an eye out in the nearby future!

Geschreven door: Julia van der Kooij


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