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Uitbreiding Zuytland Buiten biedt nieuwe investeringsmogelijkheden



Zuytland Buiten is located near Rotterdam and has been operational since 2005. The holiday park will expand from the current 105 to 181 units, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2022. ‘A great investment opportunity’, says Max Property Group, responsible for the sale.

From Zuytland Buiten, various attractions are only a 30-minute drive away, including the center of Rotterdam, Europoort and the port of Rotterdam. The holiday park has been operational since 2005 and is managed by an internationally renowned organization. Due to the excellent location just outside the center of Rotterdam, many holiday homes are inhabited by expats working in the region.

Expansion of 76 holiday homes

Zuytland Buiten will expand from the current 105 to 181 units, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2022. These 76 units can be divided into three types of holiday homes; the kuifduiker, the rietzanger and the strandloper.

In consultation with project developer Whoonapart, it has been decided to appoint Max Property Group as the selling party of the 76 holiday homes. The sale of the holiday homes is done entirely through the real estate crowdfunding platform Max Crowdfund. On this platform, you can create an account for free and reserve one of the homes quickly and easily. The platform is completely transparent. In other words, everyone can see when and how many holiday homes have been reserved at any time.

Why invest?

There are several important reasons to invest in a holiday home from Zuytland Buiten:

  • The occupancy rate of the park is high
  • The park is well maintained
  • Steeds meer mensen zoeken vakantie in eigen land
  • The park is managed and rented out by a well-known A-label
  • The real estate market in the Netherlands is growing steadily
  • Possibility to invest in one (or more) of the 76 newly built holiday homes
  • The expected return on the investment is 5.5%
Reserve a plot without obligation

The down payment is € 5,000 and with this, your name can be added to the waiting list. This deposit is displayed as a “reservation token”. Since the system is fully automated, you will see your transaction immediately on the list after you have paid the deposit. As soon as the official sale starts, all investors are invited to the park in order of the waiting list to make their final choice from the offer, to make their final choice from the various holiday homes.

It is important to know that reserving a plot on the waiting list is without obligation. If for whatever reason, you decide not to purchase after you have visited the park, you will receive the full amount of € 5,000 in return, without deduction of any costs.

You can finance 75% of the purchase price of your holiday home, including 21% VAT. The VAT can be reclaimed directly from the tax authorities if the house is rented out for at least 10 years. This only applies if you rent out your holiday home exclusively to third parties and not for your own use.

More information?

Have you become interested in the Zuytland Buiten project and would you like more information? On the 6th of February, the project will be highlighted in the program “Doe maar Duurzaam!” on RTL Z and will be broadcasted around 5.30 pm. It provides a clear picture of the park and the possibilities for purchasing a holiday home.

Doe maar Duurzaam!’ is an informative program about various developments and innovations within the sustainability industry. Different matters will be discussed, from energy to sustainable entrepreneurship and from the environment to sustainable construction. The reason why the Zuytland Buiten real estate project is discussed in the program is that the houses are well insulated and completely free of gas. Besides, an investor of a holiday home can choose to have solar panels installed on the roof during construction.

10% already reserved

At the moment, more than 10% of the units have already been reserved. It is expected that the sale of the holiday homes will go quickly after the broadcast of the program “Doe maar Duurzaam!”. Don’t wait too long and put yourself on the waiting list as soon as possible. The higher you are on the list, the greater the range from which to choose.

You can reserve a holiday home via the website of Max Crowdfund. Create an account and easily reserve your own holiday home at the Zuytland Buiten holiday park.

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