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The MPG UK Property Bonds are now open for subscriptions

  • Fund’s projected total investment of £10 million
  • Projected bank financing £5.75 million
  • Total bond issue £4.25 million
  • Fixed 10% interest per annum *
  • Plus 30% profit share at the and of the term *​
  • Forecasted Return on Investment (ROI) of 13+% *
  • Investment period from 01.11.2017 until 01.11.2022
  • Minimum lock-in period of 12 months
  • Minimum investment £1,000
  • Professional fund administrator
  • Experienced portfolio manager

* The value of investments can go up or down.  Investors should be aware that they may recover less than they invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Featured returns include all forecasts.

100% asset backed

Fund Administrator in place

All UK company

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How It Works?

Complete the following steps to make an investment with Max Property Group UK:


  • Download the Brochure and Information Memorandum from this website
  • Create on account on Dominium
  • Submit your KYC documents on Dominium for Clearance Level 1 & 2
  • Once approved you may order bonds online
  • Upon receipt of funds your order will be approved
  • You receive 10% return per year, paid out quarterly
  • After the Bond Term, the portfolio is re-financed or sold
  • You receive your original investment amount plus 30% profit share

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