Choose From Our High Yielding Property Bonds With Fixed Returns of 8% Per Annum Plus Profit Share

UK Secured Corporate Bond

The Bonds are secured by property in the United Kingdom. No off-plan developments and all tenanted buildings. 8% fixed per annum plus 30% profit share.

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Dutch Property Fund

Property fund in the Netherlands, established September 2016. Enjoy 8% fixed returns per annum plus 50% profit share and 50% of equity increase upon exit.

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Property Fund Germany

Fully asset backed property fund investing in German residential and commercial property. Fixed returns of 8% per annum, plus 30% profit share.

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About us

Max Property Group is an international syndicate of property professionals with over 20 years of local experience in property investing, rentals and fund management. Through careful analysis and due diligence research, a small selection of high-yielding investment products were developed with the intention of providing the main benefits of property portfolio ownership without many of its disadvantages.

Max Property's team is highly experienced in the investment and property markets, having developed, managed and marketed developments in various parts of the world. Each of the Max Property structures is established through a local SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and with local Directors. Investors receive a fixed return annually, as well as a share of the profits or a bonus interest depending on the structure and jurisdiction. Quarterly management accounts and the annually audited accounts are provided to all investors for full transparency and control over their investment.

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Investor Testimonials

“With banks paying so little interest at the moment we wanted to invest in property. As we have no experience with tenants and property management we decided to invest in Max Property Fund BV in the Netherlands. They are very friendly and have all the information about the company, team and security ready when asking for it. Great company.”

JB United Kingdom

Zeer tevreden met Max Property Fund, want het rendement wordt ieder kwartaal netjes op tijd betaald en ze zijn heel erg transparant over de gang van zaken en de informatie over de aangekochte panden. Waren alle fondsen maar zo toegankelijk.

GJ Nederland

“After a lot of research about the team and associated companies we decided to invest with Max Property and it has been an easy process. They pay the yields in time and provide you with all information as soon as you request something.”

SN Belgium


Latest News

April Newsletter Max Property Fund

Max Property UK Launched We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Max Property fixed rate secured bond in the UK, offering fixed returns of 7.2% p.a.  Max Property invests in UK assets through a corporate structure, so investors can enjoy all the benefits and none of the hassle of buy-to-let property ownership. The investment is 100% asset backed by UK real estate, and Max Property has partnered with the global leader in corporate and trustee services for investor security.  With over 30 years of experience behind them, the company Directors are highly experienced buy-to-let, tax and investment professionals with unique access to investment properties and industry services. Additionally, the weakness of the Pound Sterling makes it particularly attractive to those investing in a different currency. If you […]

Press Release Max Property Launch

***  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  *** UK Company Aims to End Landlord Woes   Industry professionals come together to address the fiscal and regulatory changes affecting UK buy-to-let ownership  London – April 2017 – A crack team of British professionals have joined forces to “capture the perfect storm” in the UK property market with the launch of their company Max Property Investment Group plc today which pays out 8% p.a. to investors as well as a 30% profit share.  Adopting a corporate bond structure means that money is invested in property but it is the company rather than the investor that deals with the wave of financial, regulatory and practical challenges currently facing existing and aspiring landlords. Managing Director and property educator, Mark Lloyd, says, “As property investors ourselves, we have […]

Half of Landlords Would Ditch Their Agent if Profits Began to Fall

    Almost half of landlords (47 per cent) say they would forego the services of their letting agent if their profits began to fall, according to new research* from the UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA). The research was undertaken to assess what impact the forthcoming changes to landlord taxation from April next year could have on agents’ businesses. The National Landlords Association (NLA) has already warned that more than 400,000 landlords will be pushed up a tax bracket as a result of the changes**, potentially forcing them to revaluate the need to employ the services of an agent. The news will come as another blow to agents, after the recently announced ban on tenant fees could force many to increase charges to their landlord clients in order to […]

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